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Acne is a prevalent skin problem that affects almost everyone at some time in their lives. It creates patches, greasy skin, and occasionally hot or painful skin to touch. Acne-related areas can range from blackheads to cysts. Acne has no known treatment, just preventative measures such as applying water-based make-up, certain lotions and creams, and so on.

Psoriasis is a skin ailment characterized by red, dry areas with silvery scales. This is most common on the scalp, elbows, and hands. Psoriasis develops when the body creates an abnormally large number of skin cells. The immune system has been connected to this illness. In terms of impacts, the illness differs. It might range from little annoyance to seriously interfering with your daily life.
1. Diet, as some meals might aggravate symptoms
2. Using creams and lotions on a daily basis
3. Skin washing on a regular basis
4. Creams and lotions are examples of topical therapies.
5. Phototherapy include exposing the diseased region to certain forms of UV radiation, as well as injections and oral medications such as tablets.
1. Improves circulation by removing stagnant blood.
2. Aids in the improvement of the immune system's reaction
3. Encourages the activation of lymph fluids, which aids in the improvement of the skin.
4. Cupping activates the subcutaneous glands, improving the skin's expulsion reflexes such as perspiration.
5. Toxic chemicals on the skin are removed.
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