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Vital Organ Detox

Vital Organ Detox

Vital Organ Detox | VOD

Requirement: 1 Session Every 4 to 6 Weeks, requiring 3 sessions
Duration: Each session goes for approximately 40-45 mins
Price: ₹999ps
The head of all therapies is this one! Because it uses the lymphatic system to detoxify the body completely.
Hijama covering the person's vital organs is used to target the #lymphatic system of the individual. Removing the #acidic #waste that the body produces over time as a result of poor #health #care.
The lymphatic system doesn't have a unique operating system. Our bodies' waste is sent 30% to the right shoulder and 70% towards the spine.

Vital Organ #Detox Helps:
· Stimulate the lymphatic system and release local toxins
· Clear blockages and stagnated circulation
· Activate and clear the veins, arteries, and capillaries
· Realign/balance vital energy and help neurological disorders
· Promote and improve circulation
· Help some blood disorders, and neurological disorders, but not broken bones.
· Reduces anxiety and depression by sedating the central nervous system

Effects of Hijama on the body using the VOD:
Nervous System- Hijama Wet Cupping Therapy expands and clears vessels in the spine, neck, and skull. It promotes excellent blood flow and oxygenation to these areas. It allows all systems in the body to function effectively, as the brain is well nourished and releases neurotransmitters normally.
Immune System- It stimulates the immune system and produces more white blood cells. It increases protection against infection and inflammation. It safeguards against pathogens and consequently illness. Dry cupping causes localized "bruising" or skin discoloration, which activates white blood cells and hastens the body's healing process. Hijama strengthens a person and enhances general health. It is both a curative and preventative therapy.
Circulatory System - It removes toxic, stagnant blood and changes acidic blood into alkaline or neutral blood by producing more white blood cells. Therefore, it purifies irritants that cause inflammation and pain. It facilitates ample blood flow through the arteries and blood vessels due to the pull of low pressure from the #cupping. So blood remains thin and active. Every organ in the body needs nourishment from the blood to maintain healthy, normal functions. The blood passes throughout the entire body, nourishing tissues, and boosting the immune system. It is excellent for high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and other coronary or blood conditions.
Respiratory System - The increased blood flow around the heart, body, and lungs allows for all body parts to receive oxygen properly. Breathing and lung conditions are eased as energy is shifted around the body and there is free-flowing blood and qi.
Endocrine System- the Glands; Pituitary, Pineal, Thyroid, Adrenal, Ovaries, and Testicles usually tend to be imbalanced and are the main cause of sickness in people. Hijama revitalizes and nourishes these with good blood flow, oxygen and qi. As these are balanced, the Patient will feel a general sense of well-being as these glands control our hormones, mood and so many other biological factors.
Lymphatic System- Stagnant lymph fluid and blood are circulated and expelled out of the body. The whole lymphatic drainage system can work effectively and flush out toxins and other problematic substances from the body.
Many individuals associate Hijama with the clearance of toxins and morbidities from the body via the microcirculatory system and they would be correct in their thinking. However, there is more to Hijama than simply removing blood stasis. It allows the clearance of any occlusions in the Lymphatic ducts which are part of the greater Lymphatic System. The Lymphatic System is made up of lymphatic vessels (similar to blood vessels) and lymph nodes (glands) that extend throughout the body. It helps maintain the balance of fluid in the body by draining excess fluid from the tissues of the body and returning it to the blood system. It is important in the body’s defense mechanism, filtering out bacteria and also (along with the spleen) producing disease-fighting lymphocytes (white blood cells), generating antibodies that are so essential to the body's immune system. The fluid that circulates in the system is called lymph. In addition to lymph, the system includes lymphatic capillaries and large vessels, lymph nodes (glands), the spleen, the tonsils, and the thymus. Besides forming lymphocytes and antibodies, the lymphatic system is also responsible for the collection of fatty globules from the intestine and their transmission through the mesenteric glands and the thoracic duct into the bloodstream.
(Cancer patients/ remission patients)
As the lymph circulates between the cells, it collects waste matter including dead blood cells, toxic material, and, if present, some cancer cells. While blood is responsible for collecting and distributing oxygen, nutrients, and hormones nourishing the entire body, the lymphatic system is responsible for collecting and removing waste products in tissues, acting as a systematic garbage collection service! When this waste is not collected adequately or effectively, it congregates as localized congestion. Waste-laden lymph is filtered by lymph nodes that are located throughout the body, some superficially under the skin and others situated deeper in tissue in the abdomen and neck, under the arms, and the intercostal spaces both to the front and back of the rib cage. The function of these lymph nodes is to remove some fluid and toxic matter as well as kill many pathogens. They are also sometimes responsible for trapping cancerous cells, slowing down the spread of the disease. Often in such cases as cancer, the lymph nodes become blocked (occluded). This is where Hijama Therapy can assist in the removal of these blockages and stagnant fluids and have the lymph channels clear to allow the lymphatic system to operate freely once again.
**Please note: If a patient deems to be contraindicated by extreme weakness and frail health, irrespective of age, will not be treated. Medication that thins out the blood (anticoagulants, anti-platelets, blood pressure), and Cancer in late stages (3+). Individuals with health conditions must consult with their General practitioner or their medical professional for a clearance to have Hijama performed in their current medical conditions.
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